Sangaste Handicraft. Folk costumes, handicraft, souvenirs, workshops.
Contact: Heikal Co, (+372) 5671 1022, heilifreimanis@gmail.com.

Sangaste Castle souvenirs. There are several local products, handicraft, souvenirs available in Sangaste castle.
Contact:  (+372) 767 9300, info@sangasteloss.ee, www.sangasteloss.ee.

Sangaste Rukki Maja shop. Local shop is opened every day 9.00 - 19.00. You can buy food, elementary products, souvenirs and rye products (incl Sangaste rye vodka) here.
Contact: (+372) 766 9323 , info@rukkimaja.ee, www.rukkimaja.ee.

Porrige cereal "Helen". Best porrige maker in Sangaste and best porrige cereal maker in Estonia. Local families, schools and guest houses make porrige every morning from local cereals.   On sale in Sangaste castle and Sangaste Rukki Maja.
Contact: Sangaste Linnas AS, (+372) 748 8923, info@helen.ee, www.helen.ee.

Kali, koduõlu, leivalinnas ja kontsentraadid Sangaste rukkist. Concentrate of Sangaste Rye for home-brewed beer and bread-drink. Every self-respecting master makes home-made beer for festives and no hostess can make bread without rye extract. Lovely products with picture of Sangaste castle are on sale in Sangaste castle and Sangaste Rukki Maja.
Contact: Malt OÜ, (+372) 5331 2212.

Honey of Sangaste. Honey and honey products of happy bees. On sale in Sangaste castle and Sangaste Rukki Maja.
Contact: (+372) 528 933, reinmanniste@gmail.com.